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UNIPHIZ Lab software

Curve Fitting Software FindGraph
Digitizing Tool

In most scientific publications only plots but no data values are published. FindGraph makes it easy to retrieve data points from such a plot.

Retrieve data points

Some features of Digitizing tool:
Selected data  It is possible to digitize only selected data.
Log and linear scales  Handle log and linear scales.
Rotated charts  Automatic correction for rotated charts and graphs.
Exclude net  Algorithm to exclude the net and poor points.
Zoom  Zoom for precision digitizing.
Delete mistakes  Delete mistakes with the delete key.
Add single data point  The possibility of digitizing manually after the automatic procedure to add and correct single data points.
Different data sets  Multiple different data sets can be defined.
Sorting  Sorting of data values.
Export  Export obtained data to text file or to the clipboard.
Export  The feature to determine the coordinate system then digitizing, using the calibration points, of which the coordinates are known.

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